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golden flutist @ Harmony Hall Fukui

写真-1I guess most of you know the gilded statue of Johann Strauß II in Vienna’s Stadtpark. Well, the foyer of Harmony Hall in Fukui (a splendid hall, by the way)  boasts a statue that is even more impressive, at least to flutists – an amazing, life-sized, flute-playing lady! And while I’ve never taken a picture of myself in front of Johann Strauß so far, I most certainly couldn’t resist this opportunity. And all kidding aside, I’m touched by the thought that the very essence of “harmony” is embodied by a flutist…

fast – faster – Shinkansen!

IMG_0266 IMG_0276 IMG_0267

Hiroshima, Tajimi, Okayama…the first 3 concerts on our Wiener Virtuosen tour are done! Great  ensemble, colourful program, amazing concert halls, lovely audiences, and so motivated school orchestras when we have some coaching sessions with them. The “Carmen Fantasy” is running very well and I’m having fun. But it’s not easy to calm down to a “normal” speed level, when you travel with Shinkansen train every day…!