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Summertime at Salzburg Festival is work AND sport :-)





Of course our 6 week-residence at Salzburg Festival every year is an artistic highlight for me. This year I performed the acclaimed Aida-Series with Netrebko and Muti, the Shostakovich 7 with Nelsons, Mahler 9 with Haitink and Mahler 7 with Barenboim. But – the surrounding of Salzburg, the mountains and the lakes are beautiful and very close. So you can get rid of your Festival-Stress right outside of town.

There you can see me cycling (in fact this photo is from Kitzbühler Horn), running (half-marathon with my best friend Thomas) and swimming.

I finished a full marathon (Wachau-Marathon) beginning of  September in 3:35. I was not really prepared but enjoyed this run in beautiful landscape and really bad (rainy) weather.


Done! VCM 2016 finished in 3:22:50







This is the breakfast you enjoy the next day AFTER the Vienna City Marathon! Cafe Schwarzenberg opposite Musikverein is one of my favourite places for breakfast in vienna.

But back to the Marathon. The race on sunday was hard. Cold and windy. Even the professionals struggled with the weather conditions. But who cares! I had a great run, much better than last year. Could keep my pace until km 35 and then just tried to survive and not to loose too much time until km 42,195.
The 3:22:50 is my personal record – so I’m really happy.

Same day in the afternoon I had a chamber music rehearsal at the opera. I was a bit exhausted, but fine. Free evening and early going to bed finished another Marathon day in my life.

7 weeks to go…Vienna City Marathon 2016







On April 10, 2016 will be my next attempt at the Vienna City Marathon. From today on 7 weeks and 3 days should be enough time for good preparation. The training in the last winter weeks was quite irregular. My concert schedule was too tight. But from next week on, my training tracks will be in Budapest and New York Central Park – and then in sunny Florida (Naples) Colombia (Bogota) and Brasil (Sao Paolo).

Thanks to Vienna Phil and Maestro Gergiev 🙂

I could not resist. 1:37:01

2 weeks after the Vienna City Marathon I wanted to check my running pace. In between rehearsals with Daniel Harding (Mahler, Song from the Earth) and the Neill Shicoff-Gala at the opera, I finished the Salzburg half-marathon in 1:37:01 yesterday! Typically for Salzburg, it rained all day, but the run was fun. I headed back to Vienna to play at the opera the same night. Now we continue the upcoming week with concerts in Cologne, Luxemburg and Vienna with Daniel Harding. I’m very much looking forward to playing the flute solo in Mahler’s “The Farewell” with Matthias Goerne singing.

3:35.49…Vienna City Marathon 2015 finished!

IMG_2360 IMG_2324 IMG_2328

YESSS! With the immense support of friends and family, the goal I worked for during the last months became reality. It was a big event, about 40 000 runners at the start, and weather and fun-factor were great. Of course I started to fast. But a little bit on purpose, to explore the limits of my body. Until km 25 everything went very well, and I was  ahead of my schedule, expecting  to finish at a time of around 3:15:00. BUT – there are no miracles in sports. After km 25 I had to reduce my pace,  and basically tried just to survive and finish the run. My brother Erich, who oversaw my nutrition, helped me through rather difficult moments during the last part of the race. But we made it, together. My finish time 3:35.49 is not that good, but its a base for upcoming runs and a good experience to see what I have to work on. My next run will be on May 3rd in Salzburg, a half-marathon. I’m very much looking forward to it!

Back from NY. Half Marathon completed in 1:37:38

IMG_1414 IMG_1731 IMG_1915

After the NYC concerts (Brahms Symphonies @ Carnegie Hall) and icy-cold days of intensive training in Central Park  (or Munich, Hamburg and Athens, before) I’m back in Vienna and in the final weeks of my preparation for the upcoming Vienna City Marathon on April 12th. 7 years (Marianna’s age) have gone by since my last full marathon!

Of course I’m taking it seriously  – only good preparation guarantees fun and (a more less) good time  on the big day. My test run, a half-marathon last weekend went pretty well. Now I know better what time I’d like to beat. But of course, I’m not telling anyone… Let’s see, there are 3  more weeks to go…

Brahms after Skiing…

IMG_12832015 is officially my year of family, sports and vacation! Nice! After an extraordinary intense travel and concert schedule in the past few years, I will try to spend as much time as possible at home this year. Sorry for the cancelling of concerts, masterclasses or competition-jury-memberships. But I can tell you, that after a week of skiing-vacation in St. Anton/Tyrol I’m refreshed and looking forward to starting the rehearsals of the upcoming all Brahms-symphonies cycle with Daniele Gatti. Vienna, Athens, Hamburg, Munich and New York – Vienna Phil is on its way…