3:35.49…Vienna City Marathon 2015 finished!

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YESSS! With the immense support of friends and family, the goal I worked for during the last months became reality. It was a big event, about 40 000 runners at the start, and weather and fun-factor were great. Of course I started to fast. But a little bit on purpose, to explore the limits of my body. Until km 25 everything went very well, and I was  ahead of my schedule, expecting  to finish at a time of around 3:15:00. BUT – there are no miracles in sports. After km 25 I had to reduce my pace,  and basically tried just to survive and finish the run. My brother Erich, who oversaw my nutrition, helped me through rather difficult moments during the last part of the race. But we made it, together. My finish time 3:35.49 is not that good, but its a base for upcoming runs and a good experience to see what I have to work on. My next run will be on May 3rd in Salzburg, a half-marathon. I’m very much looking forward to it!