Farewell, Herr Professor Kalckreuth!

Maybe some of you will remember the blogpost I wrote almost three years ago about my esteemed, and yes, beloved professor Johannes von Kalckreuth. But more importantly, many hopefully remember the man himself, as he was as unique and unforgettable as they come.

Johannes von Kalckreuth

He passed away this year on April 13th. It would be incorrect to write that he passed away after a prolonged battle with dementia – he gently and peacefully seemed to accept this often so cruel illness. I greatly miss my dear professor: his sweet and endlessly charming personality as well as his infinite knowledge, both of which largely survived the ravages of his dementia.

But I especially miss seeing a first hand example of somebody completely and utterly living a life in complete service of his fellow men, something so rare one often thinks it impossible. Keeping just the bare minimum of his earnings for himself, he lived for charity, personally helping countless ex-convicts, addicts, homeless…

He touched so many lives in such a profound way that both his somehow continuing presence AND his absence are felt acutely by all who knew him. He went as gently into that good night as he lived – thank you and Auf Wiedersehen, dear Herr Professor.